About SeeNews

SeeNews is an independent newswire carrying valuable news and information from the countries of southeastern Europe tailored for professionals in the corporate sector, media, financial services, state institutions and governments, and international organisations.

SeeNews is an English-language news service providing coverage of corporate, business, economic, market, political and general news from Romania, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia and Montenegro, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania and Moldova.

SeeNews enables monitoring key economic indicators of the countries of southeastern Europe, delivers regular reports on markets and provides special focus on corporate and industry events, on-the-spot interviews with economists, leading market experts, politicians, instant views of analysts and comparative articles on major topics in the region.

SeeNews aggregates and integrates vast amounts of business and general news, analytical information, and financial market data. Company and market news make up a significant part of the newswire. Its financial and statistical news is as important as the general and political events covered.

With stringers based in the capital of each country and a team of editors in the UK, Austria and Greece, SeeNews is uniquely positioned to open up Southeast Europe to the knowledge workers in international companies, information professionals, competitive intelligence officers, managers, analysts, marketing executives, etc.

SeeNews offers extensive coverage for all media organisations, including national and international news agencies, radio and TV broadcasters, on-line publishers, newspapers and magazines.

SeeNews is published by AII Data Processing Ltd (www.aiidatapro.com), a leading international provider of a broad range of high-quality information services. The company employs a multilingual staff of experienced journalists, editors, translators and researchers.

SeeNews and its logo are registered trademarks of AII Data Processing Ltd.

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