China and Asian-Pacific News Service (CANS)

We have launched a new English wire serviceí¬China and Asian-Pacific News Service (CANS) for users interested in happenings in China and the Asia-Pacifice region.

CANS is committed to providing round-the-clock news coverage on China and the Asia-Pacific region based on Xinhuaí»s news gathering network all over China and in other 20-strong countries across the region, as well as its contingent of journalists with savvy on China and a vision on regional and global affairs.

The China news provided on the wire comprises four major categories-politics and diplomacy, breaking-news, finance and economics, and culture and society. In the trial operation period, CANS will release 80-100 stories on a daily basis, of which half are China news stories, 20 percent are Asian-Pacific news items, 20 percent are major international events and the rest are sports news.

We are providing a free trial username and password. Website: www.xinhua-news.comú╗Username: swyataiú╗Password: swshiyong.

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