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The Russian News & Information Agency RIA Novosti is one of the most respected and highly professional sources of information in Russia and abroad.

The agency has a broad network of correspondents in Russia and the CIS and in more than 40 non-CIS countries. RIA Novosti daily provides socio-political, economic, scientific and financial information in Russian, in the main European languages and in Arabic through electronic media and the Internet.
RIA Novosti today is an open information site (press club) for press functions and meetings with journalists. The agency's translation service has more than 90 highly professional translators working in
12 languages.

RIA Novosti has the country's largest photo service and one of the largest photo banks containing over 600,000 photographs.

RIA Novosti is constantly improving its technologies to produce and distribute information and was one of the first professional providers of information in Russia to start working on the Internet. Its web site www.rianovosti.com (www.rian.ru) published the agency's main information services on-line, while the entire range of the agency's information is available on a subscription basis.

The agency organises press tours in Russia for foreign journalists, holds presentations, press functions abroad, and monitors and analyses publications in the foreign media. It has organised ISDN videoconferences and Internet press conferences, and held roundtable meetings and off-the-record functions.


The list of RIA Novosti clients includes the Administration of the President, the Russian Government, the Federation Council and the State Duma, the leading ministries and departments, the administrations of constituent members of the Federation, Russian and foreign business circles, diplomatic missions, and public organisations.