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28 Mar 2018, Radoslav Yordanov, EMIS Editor

Colombia attracts FDI worth $ 1.717bn from Mexico in 2017

Mexico was among the countries investing the most in Colombia in 2017, local daily El Economista reported citing figures released by Colombian statistics office DANE. Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) from the Aztec country reached USD 1.717bn last year, accounting for 11.8% of the total investment inflow in Colombia.

Spain led the way with 18%, followed by the United States and Mexico with 14.6% and 11.8%, respectively. The total FDI inflow to the country hit USD 14bn last year.

Mexican firms, such as Cemex, Grupo Bimbo, Mexichen, Alsea, Telmex, Aeropmexico and FEMSA, invested the most in the local infrastructure, construction materials, shared and BPO services, information technology, etc.

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