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09 Aug 2019, Gergana Bencheva, EMIS Editor

Czech mobile operators disagree with EC charges

The Czech mobile operators, which were accused by the European Commission (EC) of breaching EU antitrust regulations, do not agree with the imposed charges, the Czech News Agency (CTK) reported. 

The operators, namely T-Mobile, O2 Czech Republic and telecoms infrastructure provider CETIN, were accused of restricting competition through a network sharing deal. However, they claim that their deal was advantageous for customers and has resulted in cost synergies, better network quality and faster introduction of new generation networks.

The Czech operators started their co-operation in 2011 and have been expanding it ever since. In the meantime, their rival Vodafone, which is not involved in the deal, has been engaged in providing evidence that the agreement was harmful to both sector competition and Czech consumers, CTK added.

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Original source: CTK