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06 Jun 2019, Gergana Bencheva, EMIS Editor

EC urges Poland to limit govt spending

The European Commission (EC) has urged Poland to limit its spending as well as to improve the quality of social spending, and take reforms to avoid long-term difficulties, CEEMarketWatch reported. Brussels’ recommendations come in the wake of the country’s latest convergence programme.

The Commission also noted that it expected Poland’s structural budget deficit to reach 1.1% of GDP in 2022 which is in line with the medium-term objective. It also recommended that government spending growth should not exceed 4.4% in 2020 and underlined that Warsaw should take more steps to improve the efficiency of public spending.

In the meantime, Brussels criticised Poland’s decision to slash the retirement age as the move is expected to have a significant negative impact on future pension benefit levels and would introduce a significant gap between men and women in this regard. The Commission also urged the country to boost public healthcare expenditure, CEEMarketWatch added.

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