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04 Dec 2018, Natalia Mihailova, EMIS Editor

Ford Romania’s revenue rises 122% in H1 2018 compared with the year-ago period

Ford Romania`s revenue doubled to almost EUR1.2 billion in the first half and is headed towards at least EUR2.3 billion by yearend, Ziarul Financiar reported.

Compared with the year-ago period Ford Romania’s revenue rose 122% in H1 2018 thanks to a significant rise in production, underpinned by the successful start of the production of the EcoSport SUV last October, one of the best-selling small SUVs in Europe. The surge also opens the opportunity for Ford Romania to turn into the second largest exporter in the country.

The company also has already started an investment program of EUR200 million and the recruitment of another 1,700 employees, as a second model will enter in production in Craiova next year, which will translate into another surge in revenue, Ziarul Financiar added.

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