INDONESIA FOOD & BEVERAGE SECTOR 2017/2018 02/05/2018 | By Esmeralda del Olmo, EMIS Editor

The food and beverage sector is the largest in the manufacturing industry

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With a population of some 258.7 million, Indonesia is the world’s fourth-most populous country and the largest economy in the ASEAN region. The food and beverage sector employs over 4.5 million people and is the largest in the manufacturing industry. The sector has been resilient in times of economic downturn, traditionally posting growth rates above those of the overall economy. The industry needs to import a significant share of its raw materials, which makes it susceptible to USD exchange rate fluctuations and supply shortages. Indonesia’s future growth is dependent on investments in improving its output and achieving its self-sufficiency goals.

Original source: EMIS Insights Indonesia Food & Beverage 2017/2018
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