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16 Feb 2017, Annie Tsoneva, EMIS Editor

Intl brands selling lower-quality food in eastern countries than in western Europe - media

International food companies supply food of lower quality to central and eastern Europe compared to their offer in western Europe, according to Hungarian media reports.

They are based on a recent survey by Hungary's food administration Nebih, comparing 24 brands in terms of product taste and smell, composition and labeling that are being sold in Hungary and in Austria.

Slovakia has similar claims, daily Magyar Idok said adding that the problem should be solved by increasing customer awareness and closer cooperation of the customer protection authorities of EU members.

Government office chief Janos Lazar said on Thursday that he was appalled by the results of the survey.

A set of measures on retail trade and consumer protection that has been removed twice from the government’s agenda should be re-considered because retailers have significant ability to enforce their interests because they are large employers, he added.

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