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30 May 2016, Vanessa Maebara, EMIS Editor

Jucá: a sure problem for Temer´s govern-ment

Despite the the advice of close friends and the discomfort caused in the Brazilian Democratic Movement Party (PMDB), with the appointment of Mr. Jucá as a Planning Minister, investigated by Operation Car Wash, Temer decided to give him a chance, mainly because of the recognized capacity of political negotiation and work of PMDB senator for Roraima.

According to Valor Economico International, after Jucá was recorded in alleged talks about curtailing investigations related to Operation Car Wash, the vast probe into corruption involving Petrobras contracts,Temer wasn´t comfortable with the idea of dismissing him, but was resigned to it if that was the best political decision to be taken.

Temer knows that investigations involving his Planning Minister will continue and he wouldn't like to begin his government with an absence of someone as influential as Mr. Jucá, so he leaves by broad consensus.

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