Kenya’s govt buys 2.7m bags of maize to support reserves 02/09/2018 | By Gergana Bencheva, EMIS Editor

Amount is record-high for single season

Kenya’s government has purchased 2.7 million bags of maize from local farmers so it could support the country's strategic grain reserves as they were hit by a severe drought period in 2017, CEEMarketWatch reported referring to an official from the agriculture ministry.

The acquired maize is a record-high amount for a single season and the government paid a price of KES 3,200 per 90 kg bag which is higher than the usual price paid by local millers and traders.

Maize grain and flours represent a 3% share of Kenya’s CPI basket. The drought last year led to heavy shortages and the government had to launch a special subsidy programme to cope with the crisis, CEEMarketWatch reminded.

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