Kenyan doctors end 100-day strike as government agrees to raise allowances 03/20/2017 | By Petia Krasteva, EMIS Editor

Doctors to get higher salaries and additional staff; talks on other issues continue

Kenyan doctors have ended a 100-day effective strike after the government agreed to raise their allowances, PNA reported. "We did not cover the entire distance we set out to cover, but we are now firmly on the journey to a better public health sector. Better healthcare for all Kenyans," the Kenya Medical Practitioners, Pharmacists and Dentists Union (KMPPDU) said on Sunday in a thank you note to Kenyans, PNA added.

The strike started on December 5 2016 as the doctors wanted to force government implement a 2013 agreement to raise their salaries by 70 to 200%. They also protested poor conditions and old equipment in country’s hospitals. The strike affected some 6,000 state hospitals and international media reported that a number of patients have died from a lack of medical care during the walkout.

The unions and the government will now negotiate a new Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA). The government also agreed to bring in 500 doctors from Tanzania to fill a shortage of skilled doctors and help reduce the patient-to-doctors ratio in the Kenyan hospitals.

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Original source: Philippines News Agency
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