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08 Mar 2019, EMIS Insights Industry Report Extract

Latin America: Oil and Gas Sector 2018/2022

Sector Overview

With a share of 19.9% of global proven oil reserves and 4.4% of those of natural gas as of the end of 2017, the Latin America and the Caribbean region is among the prominent players in the hydrocarbon industry.

The region is also likely to hold significant potential in non-conventional reserves and offshore areas, which in most of the cases remain underexplored.

Regional Overview

This five-year forecast report includes a regional overview with detailed infographics for Oil Reserves, Natural Gas Reserves, Oil Production, Natural Gas Production, Oil Consumption and Natural Gas Consumption.

See in-depth breakdowns on a national level for Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, Venezuela and Ecuador with insights on market opportunities, restraining and driving forces and sector snapshots.

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Original source: EMIS Insights Industry Report