Lithuania’s central bank to issue digital collector coin in 2018 03/07/2018 | By Gergana Bencheva, EMIS Editor

Bank to gather tech specialists at hackathon in order to choose best technologies for coin development

Lithuania’s central bank plans to issue a one-of-a-kind digital collector coin in 2018 in order to mark the centenary of the restoration of the country’s statehood, Lithuania News Agency ELTA reported.

The unique collector coin will be designed via blockchain or other equivalent technologies and will make Vilnius the first country to break new ground in numismatics, Marius Jurgilas, a member of the Bank of Lithuania’s board, commented.

The central bank has decided to organise a hackathon, gathering tech companies and IT professionals from all over the world in order to choose the best technology and development solutions before making its final decisions on the mintage, denomination, price and the date of issue of the coin, ELTA noted.

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Original source: ELTA - Lithuanian Online
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