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19 Feb 2016, Ivor Colson, EMIS Editor

Macri and Renzi urging Italian comp-anies to invest in Argentina

"We are focused in trade and getting new investments, in renewable energy, in the railway sector. We want Italian companies to come and invest in Argentina," President Mauricio Macri announced this week.

Italian prime minister, Matteo Renzi, echoed Macri’s comments and added that the “Italian Culture Minister will visit Argentina in August to coordinate a joint meeting between both countries as 300 businessmen, most of them from small and medium companies, are interested in investing".

The last Italian head of government to visit Argentina was Romano Prodi back in 1988, 18 years ago.

We are establishing strong trade and political relations; the visit of PM Renzi is evidence to this", underlined Italian ambassador in Buenos Aires, Teresa Castaldo.

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