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10 Jun 2019, Natalia Mihailova, EMIS Editor

Moldovan crisis deepens as President suspended and snap elections called

Constitutional crisis erupted in Moldova as the Constitutional Court appointed former prime minister Pavel Filip as interim president, who immediately signed a decree to hold a snap election in September, bne Intellinews reports.

Moldova has been without a new government since the February 24 general election, which produced a parliament with three major forces — the Socialists, the Democratic Party and ACUM. As none of these parties are natural allies and the country plunged into months of deadlock. The standoff between rival political parties over the formation of a new government was broken as the pro-Russian Socialist party agreed a coalition cabinet with the pro-European Union block ACUM. The EU, US and Russia all expressed support for the coalition.

However, the country has been plunged into political crisis as oligarch Vlad Plahotniuc, the leader of the Democratic Party and the leader of the outgoing ruling majority, opposed the coalition deal claiming irregularities, and, backed by the Constitutional Court, his ally outgoing Prime Minister Pavel Filip called repeated elections on September 6, bne Intellinews added.

According to a resolution adopted last year by the European Parliament Moldova is increasingly considered a "captured state" as Plahotnuic has extended his control over institutions including the judiciary.

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