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16 Aug 2018, Gergana Bencheva, EMIS Editor

Morocco sees number of foreign tourists grow 10% y/y in H1 2018

Morocco saw the number of its foreign tourists jump by 10% on an annual basis to 5.1 million people for the first half of 2018, CEEMarketWatch reported referring to data published by the country’s Tourism Observatory.

The good result was explained among other things with Morocco‘s decision from the middle of 2016 to alleviate Chinese citizens of visa requirements. Visitors from the Asian country are now allowed a 90-day stay upon entry. Some 100,000 Chinese citizens visited Morocco between January and June 2018 alone against 120,000 people in 2017.

Over the first six months of 2018, the largest growth rate in the number of foreign tourists visiting Morocco was booked by visitors from Italy, whose count grew by 18% on the year. They were followed by German tourists whose number rose by 13% and French tourists with an increase of 10%, CEEMarketWatch added.

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