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12 Sep 2019, Petia Krasteva, EMIS Editor

Number of smartphone users in Hungary increases to 5.3mn in 2019

Some 5.3mn Hungarians have smartphones, BBJ –Online said referring to a recent survey by internet researcher and consultant eNET. The number has increased by 800,000 since 2017. The top brand on the market was Samsung which was chosen by 34% of the users, followed by Huawei with 23% share, and Apple with 11%.

Most people said they use smartphones for browsing (72%), online messaging with an app (68%), and social media (67%). Two thirds of the respondents admitted to never turning off their divides. When people buy new device the mostly look at the price (85%), technical features (82%), and the operating system (75%). 

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Original source: BBJ –Online