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12 Jun 2019, Radoslav Yordanov, EMIS Editor

Paraguay unveils $1.5bn plan to boost its economy

The Paraguayan government unveiled on Tuesday a USD 1.5bn plan to boost its economy by the end of 2020, Business News Americas reported citing an announcement made by the Finance Ministry. The investment program will have three main goals: acceleration of public works, boosting production and trade and strengthening social aid programs.

According to the plan, USD 572mn will be allocated in road projects, mostly in Ruta 2 and Ruta 7 highways. Energy transmission, distribution and generation projects will get USD 235mn of the funds, while hospital and water and sanitation system projects will receive USD 43mn.

The government will also invest USD 254mn to boost production and trade and it plans to introduce new loans and to lower tariffs on imports of capital goods.

Some 1.2bn of the funds will be invested this year, the ministry said.

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