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04 May 2018, Petia Krasteva, EMIS Editor

Peru exports goods for USD 11.56bn in Jan-Mar

Peru has exported goods for USD 11.56bn in the first quarter of the year, which represents an increase by 15% on the year, M-Brain - News Monitoring reported. Traditional exports (oil, natural gas and mining) was up by 15% and had 73% share in total exports. Non-traditional exports increased at even faster pace of 18% to amount to USD 3.13bn in Jan-Mar. The country has imported goods for USD 10.3bn in the first quarter of the year, as import growth was of slower 11% on the year.

Data for March alone showed exports jumped by 24% y/y, driven by strong increase in exports of oil and natural gas – up by 40% y/y and by mining exports that grew by 29% y/y.

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