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01 Aug 2019, Gergana Bencheva, EMIS Editor

Share of loss-making companies in Russia drops to 33.2% in Jan-May 2019

The share of loss-making companies in Russia dropped to 33.2% in the period January-May 2019, Prime reported referring to data provided by the Federal State Statistic Service. The year-on-year decline over the period was 0.6 percentage points.

Over the reported period, as many as 32,800 Russian companies booked a combined profit of RUB 7.676 trillion. Some 15,600 entities posted a combined loss of RUB 933.2 billion.

In terms of industries, the share of loss-making companies in the mineral resource development fell to 36% and in the construction sector it dropped to 31.3%. The share in agriculture, hunting and fishing stood at 21.5%, Prime added.

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Original source: Prime