Information on countries
EMIS is the leading provider of aggregated content on emerging markets. Integral to the EMIS service is the provision of macroeconomic data, economic forecasts and political analysis for over 125 countries.

Data and text is pulled from a variety of sources including national statistical offices, economic forecasting agencies, International business publications, banks and investment management firms.

Our platform allows for a deep dive into the economic and political environment of a country as well as the ability to compare and contrast countries across a variety of variables.

Detailed risk reports for countries are available as well as individual and consensus economic forecasts. Historical economic data is provided for countries back to 1998.

Macroeconomic and demographic indicators

EMIS provides access to detailed current and historical data for over 125 countries. Hundreds of indicators are included for each country. Cross-country analysis lets you compare key indicators across multiple countries, and makes it easy to build customised graphics, tables and reports.

Research and news

We gather news from local publishers across the world. We are able to categorise economic and policy news within topics for each country we cover, allowing you to find the news you want. Customisable alerts mean that you receive an e-mail at your time and frequency of choosing that will notify you of recently published news on any country of interest.

Risk analysis

EMIS provides transparency to more than 125 opaque emerging markets, so you can evaluate the risk of doing business in a country – weighing risk indicators, economic indicators, socio-political and economic risk factors. Country risk ratings can be viewed in the form of a heat map, so users can get an all-encompassing view of ratings across emerging markets.


Gain an investment advantage, by targeting and analysing a country’s prospect with forecast data from a wide range of top-notch sources. Reports provide a comprehensive view of country forecasts that are updated on a regular basis. Data is based on the most important and decisive macro indicators; intuitive screening tools make analysis quick and easy.

Enterprise access

Access to the countries/regions of your choice via the EMIS platform. Access is provided on an annual license basis. Pricing is dependent on number of users and countries required.

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