EMIS for Compliance Professionals

EMIS helps compliance and due diligence teams all over the world to conduct their research more effectively and efficiently.

Compliance professionals need access to timely and relevant information to make the decisions that minimise risks to their organisations. That often means using a whole variety of company databases and news sources to carry out checks – an often expensive and time-consuming process. That’s where EMIS comes in.

EMIS is the world’s leading expert in gathering hard-to-get information from developing countries. We bring together data, analysis and news on companies, industries and countries and make it available in the format that suits your workflow the best. Our information is used extensively by compliance teams for:

news monitoring

Monitor businesses and individuals for any adverse news that may flag them as a risk


Establish the existence of a business entity, what it does, understand who its key executives are and to understand more about its financial health and performance

EMIS Compliance

EMIS Compliance is the result of our partnership with Arachnys – the developer of a sophisticated and proven compliance workflow solution. Together we have created a platform that allows compliance teams to work more productively, consistently and transparently.

EMIS Compliance is a workflow solution that can be configured to follow the steps your analysts take to complete their due diligence checks but that allows them to complete them in a fraction of the time.

EMIS Compliance is currently available for a select number of key emerging market countries.

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EMIS API and data feeds

EMIS’ range of custom APIs and data feeds deliver EMIS content directly into your compliance workflow. This allows compliance professionals to benefit from access to EMIS content whilst continuing to work within their established compliance processes.

We have a number of data sets available for compliance purposes, among them adverse news feeds and a company data API.

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EMIS Professional

EMIS Professional is our long-established information platform that caters to a whole range of functions including compliance, risk and due diligence. The platform provides access to information on over 2 million emerging market companies, analysis on industry sectors and economic data for over 120 countries.

Supplementing the content on EMIS Professional are a range of screening, analytical and reporting tools that make it simple to work with and extract the most important information.

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