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EMIS is used by every type of corporation and institution. The theme that unites our clients is an interest in the potential of emerging markets. Here are some of the ways that we help particular sectors…

An outstanding business research site for finding facts and news on public and private companies in emerging markets around the globe. EMIS offers top-notch sources of local intelligence, superb design, sophisticated searching, and a great deal of built-in intelligence. - The Information Advisor

Investment Banking

Investment banks rely on EMIS to track companies in emerging markets. EMIS is the information source of choice for investment banks looking to receive up-to-date news, research and M&A information on companies of interest. Uniquely, it also provides in-depth research for specific sectors in developing countries along with macroeconomic data and forecasts.

EMIS helps investment banks to:

  • Optimise valuations – we provide insight into a company’s history, financial stability and ranking within its sector. This allows you to make informed decisions quickly about the investment potential for any given company.
  • Improve efficiency – produce research quicker and more easily through access to a single information platform that combines company, industry and country information across 125+ markets.
  • Mitigate risk – get a clearer view of often opaque markets with premium, trusted intelligence from global and local information sources


EMIS is used by the world’s foremost management consultancies. Consultancies work with clients in a wide range of sectors and geographies and they need access to emerging markets data and analysis to conduct successful projects. EMIS is central to the research capabilities of consultancies in allowing them to:

  • Gain an understanding of the sectors in which their clients operate
  • Demonstrate knowledge and expertise of opaque markets
  • Carry out project work that requires deep-level analysis of markets, industries or companies
  • Understand the risks and opportunities inherent in each market


Companies have long regarded emerging markets as potential engines of growth. But there are numerous examples of companies struggling to adapt in growth markets and problems usually occur when there is a lack of information for a particular country. This is when businesses need a combination of trusted analysis, reliable data and local reporting to give them the full picture.

EMIS is used by many of the world’s largest multinational organisations to:

  • Understand the business and competitive environment in growth markets
  • Identify opportunities and risks in new geographies
  • Compare growth potential of countries within their sector
  • Track local developments and trends
  • Identify potential partners or acquisition targets in emerging markets

Private Equity

EMIS plays a central role in the research activities of the world’s most successful private equity firms. The access we provide to details of over 2.3 million companies supports their investment decisions and minimises the risks involved in acquiring interests in businesses.

The analytical tools that EMIS provides saves PE firms huge amounts of time in assessing the performance and creditworthiness of target investments.

Government Institutions

EMIS is used by the trade, foreign and finance ministries of governments both big and small. We help them to assess trade opportunities, compare countries in terms of risk and opportunity and track economic, sectoral and political developments.

Embassies all over the world use EMIS to assess and report on the countries in which they are situated.

Academic Institutions

Among EMIS’ clients are the world’s leading universities and business schools. They use our content to:

  • Provide a research tool to students seeking relevant information on over 125 markets
  • Stay informed of recent developments through our extensive news analysis
  • Conduct research on specific business sectors in each market
  • Perform research on companies for case studies
  • Gain access to the widest possible range of global and local information sources

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