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EMIS is the leading aggregator of research on business sectors in emerging markets.

Users of our service benefit from our ability to convene the very best sources of industry analysis, forecasts and data. We also publish our own sector analysis through our series of EMIS Insights reports.

EMIS has licensing agreements with over 350 of the most renowned global and local publishers of industry-related content around the world.

Industry content is delivered in a variety of formats including research reports, newsletters and statistics. As well as emerging market sources. We also make available a number of sector reports on developed economies from major publishers.

Research and analysis

We aggregate the cream of the world’s industry sources, meaning you have your pick of the research in just a few clicks. Get an overarching view from global and local providers, meaning you get your industry view from outside and within. Gain access to EMIS Insights, our own detailed reports that cover key sectors in the most important markets.

Statistics and forecasts

Perform complex industry comparisons across multiple industry indicators. Project sustainable growth. Target key opportunities. Sophisticated screening tools make it simple, allowing you to view, analyse, chart and export the data you need.

Purchasing options

Enterprise access

Access to the countries/regions of your choice via the EMIS platform. Access is provided on an annual license basis. Pricing is dependent on number of users and countries required.

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EMIS API & data feeds

Embed our content into your own systems. Allows you to pull only the content you need.

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