EMIS FORESIGHT 2017: Are you fit for the new normal?

EMIS’ editorial team takes a look at what 2017 holds in store for emerging markets. Will Russia and Brazil mount recoveries? What impact will President Trump have on Latin American economies? Can Asia maintain its growth levels?


In this outlook for 2017, we examine the critical issues that will impact on emerging economies in the coming year. Our contributors look in detail at the most critical markets in each region. Download our report and discover:

  • What is the outlook for M&A activity in developing countries in 2017
  • Why the Polish economy is set to improve
  • Who is stealing Romania’s automotive business
  • What is Brazil’s silver lining
  • Why Argentina is back on the path to growth
  • If peace will give Colombia a chance
  • What are the rising risks for China
  • What Malaysia will do now TPP is dead
  • Why India’s IT sector is looking closer to home
  • Why renewable energy will continue to grow
  • What will be the star performer in the commodities sector

This 50-page report is free to download. Simply provide your detail on the form on the left and the report will be made available to you immediately.