EMIS Intelligence

Your direct route to emerging markets

Delivers company and industry information, relevant proprietary content, reports, statistics, fundamental news, customised alerts, an advanced search engine, and analytics to help understand emerging markets more clearly. It is ideal for industry analysts, researchers and economists, as well as marketing and government intelligence. Choose EMIS Intelligence to gather rich company and industry information, analytics, textual content and personalisation.

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"An outstanding business research site for finding facts and news on public and private companies in emerging markets around the globe. EMIS offers top-notch sources of local intelligence, superb design, sophisticated searching, and a great deal of built-in intelligence."

The Information Advisor

Functionality and Benefits

Research and analysis

pulls together all the content you require in a single, easily accessible page. Advanced filters eliminate the need for multiple searches to find the detailed reports you need. The most recent reports are always highlighted so they can be quickly identified and the most popular reports are automatically tracked, ensuring you never miss an important publication.

Relevant company data tear sheets

present your most relevant content first. This means financial
users are presented financial information and key statistics first, while referential and research users are presented company descriptions, contacts, news and research first. Gain insight into a company's history, financial stability or industry ranking to make informed decisions.

Industry statistics & forecasts

from renowned sources are organised and displayed to enable you to perform complex industry comparisons across multiple indicators. Sophisticated screening tools make it simple for you to target, analyse, chart and export the data you need.

Flexible macroeconomic analysis

tracks economic developments and recognises changing country risk patterns through the easy-to-read EMIS heat map. Our cross-country analysis allows you to easily compare key indicators across multiple countries and build customised graphics, tables or reports that make assessing country risk a simple task.

Quick company screener

allows you to easily preview results 'on-the-fly'. Convenient slider bars for narrowing values, customised result windows, intelligent category groupings and helpful exporting capabilities make the modern, intuitive, EMIS INTELLIGENCE screening interface simple to execute, delivering powerful results fast.

Multi-language search engine

lets you sift through thousands of research reports, news stories and data points to deliver the most relevant results to your needs. EMIS search results are automatically grouped and categorised by companies, documents, industries, statistics, deals and news, making it remarkably simple to target the information critical to you.

Customised dashboard

remembers individual preferences and always presents the information most relevant to your needs. Whether choosing to view key companies, specific research, customised industry data or targeted newsfeeds, the EMIS Dashboard always displays only the content you desire.

Customised alerts

deliver a database of 1.3 million companies and over 9,000 sources of news, research and deal data from more than 100 emerging market countries to be certain that you never miss the important information relevant to your business, no matter when it happens or where you are.