June 1, 2015

Polish real estate investment firm JR Invest mulls debuting on the main floor of the Warsaw Stock Exchange (WSE) in 2016, the CEO of the firm told EMIS.

"We are planning for this to take place next year. We would like to raise between PLN 20mn and PLN 40mn," January Ciszewski said.

He added that the bulk of the funds are to be spent on buying commercial real estate. JR Invest could also consider raising its stake in renewable energy company Columbus Energy, Ciszewski explained.

Earlier this month, JR Invest announced that it will sell its Galeria Handlowa Ramzes shopping center in Zielona Góra for PLN 11.5mn.

The firm is in further acquisition and sales talks. "We are talking both about selling and buying real estate," Ciszewski said.

JR Invest's other real estate assets include a B+ class office building in Kraków, a three-storey tenement building in downtown Bielsko-Biała in southern Poland and an office building in downtown Katowice.

JR Invest is currently listed on the small cap NewConnect market.