EMIS is used by a wide range of functions and departments in the world’s leading corporations and institutions that need time-sensitive content, hard-to-get information, relevant news, research and more on emerging markets.

I can’t imagine covering emerging markets without EMIS. - Client Relationship Manager, BNP Paribas Investment Partners UK Limited

Research Teams

Anyone working in a research environment knows the wide variety of topics they need to address. They need the reassurance of an information platform that will be able to provide answers to a diverse range of questions from “what are the main telecoms companies operating in Indonesia?” to “what’s happening in the construction sector in Brazil?” to “what deals are taking place in the oil and gas sector in Eastern Europe?

EMIS provides quick and easy research into companies, industries and countries without you having to resort to different information providers. Our intuitive interface gets you to the results you need in a few clicks, saving you valuable time.

Industry Analysts

EMIS provides a complete view of a sector through the prisms of company analysis, industry developments, deals and countries.

For industry analysts to be truly appraised of the situation, opportunities and risks that exist in individual emerging markets they need access to the depth and breadth of information that only EMIS can provide. As well as access to our huge database of information they also use our custom-built analytical tools that help them to parse the data in a meaningful and actionable way.

Corporate Strategists

Corporate strategy teams usually have one eye on emerging markets due to the growth potential they offer. Whether a company is at an early stage of market identification, is ready to conduct market entry or has established operations in a market, they need the information EMIS provides to support their strategy decisions.

With EMIS, they can:

  • Determine and compare the size and potential of markets
  • Understand who already operates in target markets for partnership opportunities or competitive analysis
  • Identify potential acquisition targets to accelerate their strategy
  • Monitor market conditions and risks

Credit Analysts

Conducting efficient credit analysis requires access to reliable and timely information on companies. In emerging markets this can be a particularly trick exercise due to the lack of structured company information that is available.

EMIS acts as a primary support service for credit analysts because we can provide them not only with data on which to base decisions but also with credit analytics tools to speed up the process. We offer financial scoring, benchmark scoring (within sector), trend scoring and a credit quota assessment.

We help credit analysts all over the world to minimise their debt risk, maximise collections and prepare reports on the degree of risk involved in extending credit or lending money.

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