EMIS for Business Development Professionals

Thousands of business development professionals rely on EMIS to identify, target and monitor prospects more efficiently.

Non-stop intelligence from the world's most trusted sources. We make sure you know about emerging opportunities, wherever and whenever they happen.

EMIS offers a unique blend of analysis, data and news on companies, industries and countries in emerging markets.

We understand how important it is for business development professionals to have access to accurate and up-to-date data on companies when they need it. EMIS has developed a range of solutions that allow salespeople to be successful in their roles.

How we help business development professionals
Identify potential customers

Combine the EMIS database of 2.3M+ private emerging market companies with powerful screening tools to identify the right companies to target.

Understand your targets

EMIS profile data allows you to understand your prospects’ business, financial results, recent developments & more.

Monitor companies

Engage with the right companies at the right time using EMIS’ news monitoring service.

EMIS Prospect

A powerful and streamlined business development workflow solution. EMIS Prospect allows salespeople to create target lists of companies, build a deep understanding of their activities and performance and monitor those companies for key sales triggers in the news.

EMIS prospect is currently available for a select number of key emerging market countries.

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EMIS Professional

Robust company information, news, research and analytics – all on a single platform. Allows for deep market analysis by supplementing the EMIS company database and news content with access to macroeconomic statistics and marketing leading industry reports on 125 emerging markets.

Advanced, personalised search tools make it easy to sort through a wealth of in-depth data. Proprietary M&A information and a database of more than 120,000+ emerging market deals are at your fingertips. Using all of these tools salespeople can easily create targeted pipelines to complete more deals – in less time.

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EMIS API and data feeds

EMIS range of custom APIs and data feeds deliver EMIS content directly into a salesperson workflow. This allows for flexible delivery of content directly into a CRM system or sales database. Salespeople can benefit from access to EMIS content whilst continuing to work within their established sales processes.

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