The Caucasus & Central Asia Company Profiles

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Company Name Industry Language
"Pavlodarskaya Gorodskaya Bolnitsa No2" Upravleniya Zdravookhraneniya Pavlodarskoi Oblasti, Akimata Pavlodarskoi Oblasti GPO ("Павлодарская Городская Больница No2" Управления Здравоохранения Павлодарской Области, Акимата Павлодарской Области ГПО) Health Care and Social Assistance English | Russian
12 Karat TOO (12 Карат ТОО) Arts, Entertainment, and Recreation English | Russian
12 Mesyatsev TOO (12 Месяцев ТОО) Wholesale Trade English | Russian
12 Mesyatsev-Astana TOO (12 Месяцев-Астана ТОО) Retail Trade English | Russian
188.Kz TOO (188.Kz ТОО) Administrative and Support and Waste Management and Remediation Services English | Russian
1s-Rating TOO (1с-Рейтинг ТОО) Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services English | Russian
2day Telecom TOO (2дэй Телеком ТОО) Information English | Russian
811 Avtoremontnyi Zavod Ki AO (811 Авторемонтный Завод Ки АО) Other Services (except Public Administration) English | Russian
832 Avtoremontnyi Zavod Ki AO (832 Авторемонтный Завод Ки АО) Real Estate and Rental and Leasing English | Russian
a-Ta Stroi TOO (а-Та Строй ТОО) Construction English | Russian
a.f.t. Group ZAO (a.f.t. Group ЗАО) Wholesale Trade English | Russian
a.p. Milland TOO (а.п. Милланд ТОО) Wholesale Trade English | Russian
a.Priori TOO (a.Priori ТОО) Manufacturing English | Russian
a.r.t.-Kurylys TOO (а.р.т.-Курылыс ТОО) Construction English | Russian
a&a Trading Company TOO (a&a Trading Company ТОО) Wholesale Trade English | Russian
Aaa Plus TOO (Ааа Плюс ТОО) Wholesale Trade English | Russian
Aaengineering Group TOO (Aaengineering Group ТОО) Construction English | Russian
Aatd TOO (Аатд ТОО) Construction English | Russian
Ab Restaurants TOO (Ab Restaurants ТОО) Accommodation and Food Services English | Russian
Abai Eli TOO (Абай Ели ТОО) Information English | Russian
Abai Korkem TOO (Абай Коркем ТОО) Utilities English | Russian
Abaiauylkurylys TOO (Абайауылкурылыс ТОО) Construction English | Russian
Abailyk Zhylu Zhuieleri TOO (Абайлык Жылу Жүйелери ТОО) Utilities English | Russian
Abattandyru TOO (Абаттандыру ТОО) Utilities English | Russian
Abaya TOO (Абая ТОО) Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing and Hunting English | Russian

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