Acabados De Papeles Satinados Y Absorbentes S.A de C.V.

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Contact Information

Via Via Morelos 176, Los Laureles
Ecatepec de Morelos; Estado de Mexico; Map
Postal Code: 55090
Tel: +52-57798000

Full name: Acabados De Papeles Satinados Y Absorbentes S.A de C.V.

Status: Non-Listed
Legal Form: Limited Liability Company
Operational Status: Operational
EMISid: 3540864
RFC: APS7503114Q2
RFC: APS7503114QS
Incorporation Date: 11-Mar-75

Main Activities

Main Activities: Paper Manufacturing

Main Products

Wrapping paper, gummed paper, corrugated cardboard and microcorrugated, folders, paper gloss, fluorescent carton, cardboard boxes for dead files, etc.


Company Description

Acabados de Papeles Satinados y Absorbentes - APSA - is dedicated to the manufacture of paper and special cardboard for various applications such as packing, crating, as well as school and office lines. It began operations in 1975.


Basic Information

Total Employees:

Key Executives

Chief Executive Officer

Competitors - Mexico



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