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Contact Information

Al. Ujazdowskie 41
Warsaw; Mazowieckie; Map
Postal Code: 00-540
Tel: +48 (22) 319, +48 (22) 449, +48 (22) 449, +48 (22) 449, +48 (22) 449, +48 (22) 449
Fax: +48 (22) 319, +48 (22) 449, +48 (12) 378

Full name: Dragados S.A. Oddzial W Polsce

Status: Non-Listed
Legal Form: Other non-liability limited
Operational Status: Operational
EMISid: 2644133
PL DUNS: 522657956
NIP: 1080001455
KRS: 0000237926
REGON: 140189799
Incorporation Date: 2005

Main Activities

Main Activities: Highway, Street, and Bridge Construction

Main Products

Construction works

Company Description

Dragados SA Branch in Poland is a construction company that performs work related to the construction of roads and highways.


Basic Information

Total Employees:
Financial Auditors:

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2014: Imports Thousands
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Key Executives

Vice President

Ownership Details

Dragados Sociedad Anonima (Spain)

Competitors - Poland


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