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Latin America M&A Overview Report
Q1-Q3 2017

An EMIS Insights M&A Report
EMIS is an ISI Emerging Markets Group Company
Date: November 2017
Pages: 27
Available in: English

Although in Q3 Latin American M&A surged to its highest quarterly value in recent times, the overall sum of deals for the nine-month period was down by 22% y/y to USD 59.3bn. This was mostly due to the lack of any particularly impressive deals in the oil & gas sector, unlike in 2016.

Foreign investment in the region improved during Q3 but the total amount invested so far in 2017 as compared to the same time last year remains nearly twice lower at USD 21.3bn. The good news is that inbound deals in 2017 have been more – 412 vs 373. In addition, in Q3 China overtook USA as the top foreign buyer into Latin America by value of deals, which totalled USD 5.4bn for the first nine months.


This report provides an in-depth overview of the M&A deal activity across 11 countries in Latin America, and the countries in Central America and the Caribbean region. Particular focus is put on Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Colombia and Chile. Our reports are presented in a consistent format from quarter to quarter, enabling users to analyse and compare data, and follow the latest developments in M&A.


What this report enables you to do:

  • Follow overall mergers and acquisitions trends across the region and in key countries Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Colombia and Chile
  • See what major deals were announced and who was involved
  • Identify the hottest industries and the top foreign investors
  • Observe how valuations changed from quarter to quarter
  • View Private Equity activity and the top entries and exits
  • See which companies debuted on the stock market
  • Gain insights into the largest upcoming deals
  • Find out who the best performing M&A advisors were


See below for a complete table of report contents:

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