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SoftBank places great hopes on Latin American tech with USD 5bn fund
Japanese telecommunications and investment behemoth, SoftBank are hoping to continue to drive an information revolution. 19 Mar
Africa: Oil & Gas Sector 2019/2020
This report includes a regional overview with detailed infographics for Oil Reserves, Natural Gas Reserves, Oil Production, Natural Gas Production, Oil Consumption and Natural Gas 14 Mar
Trade data: a cause for concern
The February trade data for China was a lot worse than expected, with a year-on-year drop of 20% in February, the steepest decline in three years. 10 Mar
Latin America: Oil and Gas Sector 2018/2022
Latin America and the Caribbean region has a share of 19.9% of global proven oil reserves and 4.4% of natural gas. 08 Mar
Brazil: Electric Power Sector 2018/2022
Sector overview of Brazil's national electric power consumption, with details of entry modes, segment opportunities and government policy surrounding the industry, 01 Mar
Agusto & Co assigns Bb rating to Nigerian insurance industry
Agusto & Co assigns Bb rating to Nigerian insurance industry 01 Mar
January's Top Deals
January's 2019 top M&A deals, ranked by deal value. 21 Feb
Rage against the privatisation machine
For most, relying on the state control of public services such as health, education, and unemployment benefits is a habit they are not willing to break. 21 Feb
China trade data – too good to be true?
China released its official January data for exports and imports last week and the results were unexpected 18 Feb
Emerging Europe M&A Report 2018/19
In another robust year of M&A activity fuelled by a number of mega deals, emerging Europe witnessed an increase in overall deal value of 12.5% year on year 15 Feb
New year, new hope…
A series of interest rate rises by the US Federal Reserve and a trade war between the US and China applied the brakes to economic growth for many economies in 2018 11 Feb
China consumer goods & retail sector 2018 Q4
China is the world’s largest retail market and a global leader in e-commerce. 07 Feb