Robust information, news, research and analytics – all on a single platform.

What do the experts use to target, analyse, and monitor emerging markets?

EMIS Professional: combining the world’s most comprehensive database of intelligence on emerging markets with sophisticated tools that allow you to use that data efficiently.

Whether you’re researching, comparing data, gathering news or generating reports, EMIS Professional puts you in control of the information you see. You decide on which area of the world you want to focus, and how you want to organise the information you choose.

Advanced, personalised search tools make it easy to sort through a wealth of in-depth data and analytics. Proprietary M&A information and a database of more than 115,000 emerging market deals are at your fingertips – so you can easily create targeted pipelines to complete more deals – in less time.

Great information, well packaged, and intelligent people ready to help at any time. - Analyst, Merrill Lynch


2M+ private & public company profiles from 125+ emerging markets

EMIS Professional delivers profiles and in-depth financial for over a million private and public companies from the world's trusted sources all accessible on a platform easy-to-use and analyse.

Get an insider’s view of a company’s history, financial stability and industry ranking to ensure your decisions are informed, conclusive and evaluated from every important angle.

9,000+ publications proprietary & renowned third-party coverage

EMIS delivers an unrivalled, comprehensive combination of company, industry and country, news and research information from an unprecedented 125+ emerging markets, ensuring that the view of your opportunities or risks is through the widest possible lens.

Our sources are dynamic. At EMIS, we are constantly seeking out new sources. We know your success is dependent on the quality of data we provide to you.

540,000+ research reports published every year

Research reports from thousands of renowned global and local sources pulled together in a single, easily accessible service delivering value for money that empowers you to reduce overall vendor spend.

EMIS’s proprietary research arm EMIS Insights offers in-depth industry research in key emerging markets giving you an unprecedented coverage of research.

115,000+ M&A & ECM deals, research, valuations & forecasts

Combine proprietary M&A news, thousands of M&A deals, research and deal forecasts to help quickly and easily create targeted pipelines to complete more deals in less time.

EMIS helps investors and business owners quickly identify future M&A deal activities, trends and opportunities in the emerging markets before they happen.

58,000+ news stories published every day

Access multi-source news stories from renowned sources in over 125 emerging markets. Timely and trending news is highlighted, so you can quickly identify and track every important publication.

Never miss out on important developments when it happens, wherever it happens with first-hand, up-to-date news to help you understand emerging markets more clearly.

Statistics & forecasts for 250+ industry sectors

Industry statistics and forecasts from well known sources are organised and displayed to enable you to perform complex industry comparisons across multiple indicators.

Project sustainable growth. Target key opportunities. Sophisticated screening tools make it simple, allowing you to view, analyse and chart data you need to identify, target and secure more growth opportunities.

Flexible macroeconomic analysis & country ratings

Track economic developments and recognise changing country risk patterns through the easy-to-read tools and charts on the EMIS Embassy service.

Our cross-country analysis allows you to easily compare key indicators across multiple countries and build customised graphics, tables or reports that make assessing country risk a simple task.