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FAQ - EMIS Insights M&A Reports

The EMIS Insights M&A reports are available in PDF format.

Our data is collected from sources such as company press releases and annual reports, advisory submissions, stock exchange disclosures, business publications, private equity and venture capital associations, and other reliable sources.

The reports are published each quarter. Most of the data is cumulative, spanning the full period covered by the report.

We cover M&A deals valued USD 1mn and above that involve target companies with headquarters or substantial presence (assets, operations, etc.) in emerging markets.

Real estate deals are included only if they involve commercial assets (hotels, shopping centres, offices, etc.) valued at least USD 5mn.

Certain deal types such as restructurings without change in ownership, greenfield investments, joint ventures, and buy-backs of shares are not included.

The value of deals that involve targets operating across many jurisdictions is allocated to each jurisdiction based on its respective share of the target’s revenues, assets base, number of customers, etc., whenever such allocation is possible.

Advisory league tables are compiled based on EMIS intelligence and official information submitted to us by M&A financial and legal advisors. The information is to the best of our knowledge and subject to the criteria above. EMIS should not be liable for omissions or inaccuracies.

The structure of our reports is identical in order to allow easier comparability from quarter to quarter. It includes:

  • Overview – q/q volume and value of deals (Regional)
  • Valuation – q/q median multiples and deal values (Regional)
  • Deals by Sector – cumulative volume and value of deals (Regional)
  • Deals by Foreign Investor – cumulative volume and value of deals (Regional)
  • Top 20 M&A deals – cumulative (Regional)
  • Private Equity deals – cumulative volume and value, and Top deals (Regional)
  • Top IPOs (Regional) – cumulative (Regional)
  • Deal intents and rumours – q/q volume and value, and last quarter’s Top intents (Regional)
  • LeagueBoard – LTM ranking of financial and legal firms (Regional)
  • Overview – q/q volume and value of deals (Key focus countries)

EMIS offers the most comprehensive coverage of M&A in emerging markets. Our database contains 120,000+ deals in 110+ emerging countries from 2002 until present day. We collect M&A transactions valued as low as USD 1mn and have access to many local sources that are beyond the reach of other providers.

In our reports we put focus on the actual M&A data and deliver an unbiased overview of the deal market, rather than simply publish rankings of advisory firms.

Currently, we offer quarterly M&A reports covering four regions:

  • Emerging Europe
  • Latin America and the Caribbean
  • Africa & Middle East
  • Emerging Asia

Please use the filters available on the EMIS e-store webpage. If you need further assistance, please contact us at

You can review a sample report here.

We are offering our quarterly M&A reports on the EMIS e-store from H1 2017 on.

We publish our new reports quarterly, usually within several weeks after the quarter has ended.

The full archive of the EMIS Insights M&A reports is currently available only to EMIS subscribers. If interested, please use the Contact Us form on