EMIS expands coverage of full financials for over 100,000 Indian private companies

Mumbai, India - December 2023 - EMIS is delighted to announce that it now provides full financials for over 100,000 Indian private companies across different key industries.

“After a decade of growing more than twice as fast as the global economy, India is expected to become the world's third largest in size by 2030. Its large industrial sector has been attracting significant investments from multinational corporations, which are increasingly viewing the country as a new manufacturing base. EMIS deeper coverage of India’s businesses will help international and local clients make better strategic, investment, and risk decisions by identifying opportunities and risks more effectively”, said Manish Sukhija, Regional Director & Head of Sales, South Asia at EMIS, ISI Emerging Markets Group.

EMIS provides comprehensive company intelligence for over 2.2 million Indian private and public companies reporting to the Ministry of Corporate Affairs. EMIS has enhanced the coverage to offer full financial data for over 100,000 Indian private companies with over 1 million dollars in revenue in FY22 across different key industries.

EMIS is thrilled about the value this expansion brings and how it can empower your decision-making process.  Now is the time to take a look at EMIS, your one-stop company intelligence platform: https://info.emis.com/india-expansion-es

The key highlights of this enhancement are:

  • Full financials for over 100,000 Indian private companies
  • Profile information with complete firmographics, crucial ratios
  • Full financial statements with longer archive and latest FY2023 updates
  • Comprehensive corporate filings from the local register (MCA)
  • Extended financial history for more insightful analysis
  • Monthly updates of firmographic data to reflect any important changes, including updates on key executives
  • All this coverage is also available through our API & Data Feeds Solutions

With this enhancement, we expand our company coverage in India, enabling efficient analysis and company comparison across 200+ industries. Request a demonstration for EMIS: https://info.emis.com/india-expansion-es


About EMIS:

EMIS is a leading curator of multi-sector, multi-country research for the world’s fastest growing markets. We provide a unique combination of research from globally renowned information providers, local and niche specialist sources, our own proprietary analysis, and powerful monitoring and productivity tools. EMIS delivers trustworthy intelligence for over 370 industry sectors and 11m companies across 197 markets. Everything you need in one place where actionable insights are facilitated by leading technology.

We employ 300 people in 18 countries around the world, providing intelligence to nearly 2,000 clients and are part of ISI Emerging Markets Group, which has been in the business of providing information on high growth markets for over 30 years.

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