For Professional Services

Professional services such as consultancies, law firms, and research firms rely on EMIS to get a comprehensive and multi-faceted view of each emerging market to develop their businesses effectively. EMIS covers every developing country and provides reliable and up-to-date research from globally renowned information providers, local specialist sources and our own proprietary analysis.

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Law Firms

EMIS is the information source of choice for law firms looking to receive up-to-date news, research and M&A information on emerging markets. EMIS helps law firm’s business development teams, industry specialists, information professionals, and M&A specialists to get timely, hard-to-get insights, data, and news on emerging markets.

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Our versatile research database has proven to be an invaluable resource for consultancies across a wide range of projects. The multi-sector capability of EMIS lends itself to the ever-changing nature of work undertaken by consultancies.