The agricultural sector is of crucial importance to the domestic economy in many emerging market countries. Over the past five years there has been a significant change in the agricultural industry in a lot of emerging markets. EMIS has a collection of agricultural reports which report on the agriculture, livestock, forestry, hunting and fisheries sector within the country.

Countries like China, Brazil and India are now considered to be true agricultural powers in terms of production, exports and imports.

EMIS` specialises in providing deep-level agricultural industry analysis for emerging market countries. Among our content partners are Grand View Research, Inc., MarketLine and UkrAgroConsult. Our sector reports provide a full industry analysis into the agricultural sector and report on some of the largest, dominant companies in emerging markets. We offer reports on thousands of companies in the agricultural sector in all parts of the developing world with information on their financial performance. We supplement this research with information on agriculture sector M&A deals as well as news from national, regional and industry-specific publications.

Latest News

  • Farm minister to meet two commissioners in Brussels STA - Daily News | 2018-Nov-20
  • Colombia: ICA approves cultivation of medical cannabis to MedCann M-Brain - News Monitoring | 2018-Nov-20
  • Ecuador: Maize yields set to reach 5.86 tonnes per hectare in 2018, says MAG M-Brain - News Monitoring | 2018-Nov-20
  • Minister praises veterinary work at conference Hungary AM | 2018-Nov-20
  • Cuts on rock lobster fishing in line with court judgment SA News | 2018-Nov-20
  • Agriculture Ministry promotes Prickly Custard Apple Daily News | 2018-Nov-20
  • Azerbaijan`s agricultural sector production grew by 5% Business News | 2018-Nov-19
  • Obaseki partners NIRSAL on agribusiness devt, to unveil 21 farmers' cooperatives Vanguard-Nigeria | 2018-Nov-19
  • Govt to assist Balochistan for uplift of agriculture, livestock APP - Daily News | 2018-Nov-19
  • Lithuanian agrimin to discuss CAP reform in Brussels BNS - Business News | 2018-Nov-19
  • Allow farmers on the FISP to select institutions of their choice, Financial Institutions urged Lusaka Times News | 2018-Nov-19
  • 16 Tanzanian fishermen arrested in Kenya The Daily Monitor Uganda | 2018-Nov-19


Here are some of the top information providers for Agriculture that the EMIS platform provides access to.
  • Grand View Research, Inc.
    Grand View Research, Inc.
    GRDS Reports Ltd.
    GRDS Reports Ltd.
  • UkrAgroConsult
    Indian Agribusiness Systems Pvt. Ltd
    Indian Agribusiness Systems Pvt. Ltd
    CCI - Citra Cendekia Indonesia
    CCI - Citra Cendekia Indonesia
    Parallaxis Consulting
    Parallaxis Consulting
  • Maximixe
    Department of Agriculture
    Department of Agriculture


EMIS provides a wide range of industry data from a variety of sources.

Latest Reports

EMIS publishes 540,000+ research reports every year.
  • Key View (Agribusiness Report Uruguay Agribusiness Key View - Uruguay - Q1 2019) 2 pages | 2018-Nov-20 | BMI - Industry Reports
    Industry Forecast (Oil Crops Report Uruguay Soybean Agribusiness Outlook - Uruguay - Q1 2019) 4 pages | 2018-Nov-20 | BMI - Industry Reports
    SWOT (Agribusiness Report Uruguay Agribusiness SWOT - Uruguay - Q1 2019) 2 pages | 2018-Nov-20 | BMI - Industry Reports
  • Industry Forecast (Livestock Report Uruguay Livestock Agribusiness Outlook - Uruguay - Q1 2019) 5 pages | 2018-Nov-20 | BMI - Industry Reports
    Uruguay Agribusiness Report - Q1 2019 54 pages | 2018-Nov-20 | BMI - Industry Reports
    Uruguay Agribusiness Report - Q1 2018 54 pages | 2018-Nov-20 | BMI - Industry Reports
  • Guar-Weekly-Research-Report 10 pages | 2018-Nov-20 | AgriWatch - Guar Research
    Cotton Research Report 19 pages | 2018-Nov-19 | AgriWatch-Cotton Weekly
    Wheat-Weekly-Research-Report 11 pages | 2018-Nov-19 | AgriWatch-Wheat Research
  • Maize-Weekly-Research-Report 8 pages | 2018-Nov-19 | AgriWatch-Maize Research
    Sugar-Weekly-Research-Report 12 pages | 2018-Nov-19 | AgriWatch-Sugar Weekly
    Rice-Weekly-Research-Report 12 pages | 2018-Nov-18 | AgriWatch-Rice Weekly


EMIS publishes 58,000+ news stories every day.
  • Oil-Meals-Daily-Fundamental-Report 3 pages | 2018-Nov-20 | AgriWatch -Oil Meal Daily
    Business - Rice tariffication bill seen OKd by early Dec 2 pages | 2018-Nov-20 | PH Daily Inquirer
    Business - Private firms bag deal to supply 500K tons of rice 1 pages | 2018-Nov-20 | PH Daily Inquirer
  • Business - Metro Pacific unit putting up waste-to-energy conversion facility 2 pages | 2018-Nov-20 | PH Daily Inquirer
    Opinion - Valuing farmers 2 pages | 2018-Nov-20 | PH Daily Inquirer
    Vietnam: PM Phuc meets with New Zealand, Hong Kong leaders on APEC sidelines 1 pages | 2018-Nov-20 | Thai EconomicNews Service
  • Vietnam: National Assembly adopts five laws 1 pages | 2018-Nov-20 | Thai EconomicNews Service
    Media Release: Volvo Trucks 2 pages | 2018-Nov-20 | AAP Media Releases
    Maize-Daily-Technical-Report 1 pages | 2018-Nov-20 | AgriWatch - Maize Daily
  • Spices-Daily-Technical-Report 3 pages | 2018-Nov-20 | AgriWatch - Spices Daily
    Business - Netherlands Embassy Discusses High Density Apple Plantation In Jk 1 pages | 2018-Nov-20 | PTI News
    Business - ''Gdp Growth May Ease To 7.2% In Jul-Sep On Sluggish Economy'' 2 pages | 2018-Nov-20 | PTI News

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