The mission of the Automotive industry – one of the most globalised industries – is to provide safe and accessible transportation for the world’s increasing population. The industry is one of the main engines of economic growth, with important multiplier effects both in upstream sectors such as metal processing, chemicals, and textiles, and in downstream sectors like ICT, trade and services. It is also one of the biggest innovators on a global scale, rapidly adopting breakthrough technologies that address the need for more efficient and environmentally-friendly transport solutions.

The Automotive industry involves the manufacturing of bodies, engines, parts and whole vehicles for ground transportation. Such vehicles include motorcycles, cars, light commercial vehicles and heavy commercial vehicles.

Latest News

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Here are some of the top information providers for that the EMIS platform provides access to.
  • BIS Research Private Limited
    BIS Research Private Limited
    Allied Analytics LLP
    Allied Analytics LLP
    Grand View Research, Inc.
    Grand View Research, Inc.
  • Autostat AA
    Autostat AA
    GRDS Reports Ltd.
    GRDS Reports Ltd.
    Data Consult
    Data Consult
  • China Automotive Technology & Research Center Ltd., Co.
    China Automotive Technology & Research Center Ltd., Co.
    Tendencias Consulting
    Tendencias Consulting
    ANIF - Asociación Nacional de Instituciones Financieras
    ANIF - Asociación Nacional de Instituciones Financieras


EMIS provides a wide range of industry data from a variety of sources.

Latest Reports

EMIS publishes 540,000+ research reports every year.
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EMIS publishes 58,000+ news stories every day.
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    Ola Fleet Tech gets Rs 40-crore loan from Tata Motors Finance 1 pages | 2019-May-24 | Financial Exp
    UMW maintains car sales target despite OPR cut 2 pages | 2019-May-24 | The Edge Financial Daily
  • Vietnamese property gains from factories leaving China 2 pages | 2019-May-24 | Vian Macroeconomic News
    Imported vehicle sales rise 12% in April — AVID 1 pages | 2019-May-24 | Business World
    ISRO floats new entity to help firms develop satellite-launch vehicles 1 pages | 2019-May-24 | Business Line
  • Renault's experiments with driverless tech at the cusp of going mainstream 4 pages | 2019-May-24 | Business Line
    Tata Motors on digital drive to connect with truck customers 3 pages | 2019-May-24 | Business Line
    Hyundai Motor vows to serve customers better 2 pages | 2019-May-24 | The Korea Times

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