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The Banking & Insurance sector – often referred to as the lifeblood of the real economy – is of vital importance in the modern credit-driven economic growth model. Among its functions are intermediation between savers and borrowers, ensuring funds are allocated efficiently; support of payment and settlement systems that facilitate trade and international economic relations; and provision of various products that mitigate risk and uncertainty. The accelerating pace of technological change, stricter regulation and shifting consumer habits are reshaping the traditional banking model and pushing the sector towards innovation-led growth.

Activities associated with Banking & Insurance are depositary and non-depositary credit intermediation and related activities, investment banking, securities brokerage, commodity contracts dealing and diverse financial investment activities. The sector also includes insurers, re-insurers and insurance brokerages, pension funds, health and welfare funds, monetary authorities, stock exchanges, and collection and credit agencies.


Here are some of the top information providers for Banking & Insurance that the EMIS platform provides access to.
  • Allied Analytics LLP
    Allied Analytics LLP
    INFOLine IA
    INFOLine IA
    BW Businessworld Media Pvt. Ltd.
    BW Businessworld Media Pvt. Ltd.
  • Acquisdata Pty Ltd
    Acquisdata Pty Ltd
    BS Latam
    BS Latam
    ANIF - Asociación Nacional de Instituciones Financieras
    ANIF - Asociación Nacional de Instituciones Financieras

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