Consumer Electronics

The Consumer Electronics industry provides mass-consumption electronic equipment with a relatively low degree of customisation that is marketed on a global scale. In an increasingly connected world, this industry’s main task is to meet the ever more sophisticated demands of digital consumers for electronic devices for both entertainment and professional use. As a highly R&D- and capital-intensive industry, it is also one of the main drivers of technological advances, digital inclusion and economic growth.

The Consumer Electronics industry comprises the manufacturing of electronic devices intended for everyday use by end consumers. They are most commonly used for entertainment (TV sets, video players, video games, audio equipment, etc.), communications (telephones, mobile phones, etc.) and home-office activities (desktop computers, laptops, storage devices, printers, small electrical appliances, batteries, etc.).

Latest News

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  • NeoAnalytics
    Euromonitor International Ltd.
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    GRDS Reports Ltd.
    GRDS Reports Ltd.

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