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The Pharma & Healthcare industry is of vital importance for human and economic development, providing a wide range of goods and services relevant to the promotion of health at all stages in the healthcare process – from prevention and treatment to rehabilitation and palliative care. It is one of the fastest-growing industries, supported by profound demographic changes, the rising incidence of non-communicable diseases, and surging per capita health spending in both developed and emerging markets. The industry is also one of the major innovators, with increasing expenditures on development of new molecules, biotechnology and adoption of new technologies that provide advanced healthcare and ensure the longevity of the population.

The Pharma & Healthcare industry comprises the manufacture of pharmaceuticals for human and veterinary use, medical equipment and related supplies. It also includes providers of ambulatory health services, medical and diagnostic laboratories, hospitals, and nursing and residential care facilities.

Latest News

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  • Jeju approves first foreign-only for-profit hospital The Korea Times | 2018-Dec-06
  • Silicon Valley partners AI application in healthcare China Daily | 2019-Mar-14
  • Digital health care, smart cities key to 4th industrial revolution drive: committee The Korea Herald | 2018-Dec-10
  • VoZP ČR posts CZK 15.30bn premium income CIA - News | 2018-Dec-11
  • Koreas to meet this week for talks on cooperation in medical, Yonhap News | 2018-Dec-10
  • No more for-profit hospitals under current administration: health minister Yonhap News | 2018-Dec-06
  • HR minister: Govt to launch hospital consolidation, wage hike - paper MTI Intraday News | 2018-Dec-11
  • Employers offer medical benefits CIA - News | 2019-Mar-14
  • Russia: Over RUB 4bn to be allocated for healthcare development in Tatarstan M-Brain - News Monitoring | 2018-Dec-06
  • PHL employer health care cost growth rising faster than region Business World | 2019-Mar-14
  • DK demands more hospital funding MTI Intraday News | 2018-Dec-07
  • Heavy screen time appears to impact children's brains: Study MediaCorp NewsAsia | 2018-Dec-10


Here are some of the top information providers for Pharma & Healthcare that the EMIS platform provides access to.
  • BIS Research Private Limited
    BIS Research Private Limited
    Mordor Intelligence LLP
    Mordor Intelligence LLP
    Allied Analytics LLP
    Allied Analytics LLP
  • TIP Knowledge Services Private Limited
    TIP Knowledge Services Private Limited
    The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU)
    The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU)
    All Consulting
    All Consulting
    Global Health Intelligence
    Global Health Intelligence
  • Noozz

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