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The construction sector plays an important role in emerging markets and has been responsible for both economic growth and contraction in many countries. EMIS provides an industry overview of the real estate and construction sector, compiling data and market research from top information providers including Colliers International, MarketLine, and LCA Consulting.

As well as sector reports we also provide coverage of hundreds of thousands of companies within the sector, detailing their financial performance, ownership and M&A activity wherever possible. EMIS has data on all of the key players involved in real estate & construction.

Our sector and company research is supplemented by the world’s largest collection of emerging markets news publications, ensuring our customers are constantly up-to-date with developments across their markets of interest.

Latest News

  • Slovakia - Tender for Construction of R2 Kosice, Saca-Kosicke Olsany to begin this week CEEMarketWatch - Daily News | 2019-Mar-14
  • 2018 in Review: Construction Sector ZF - Ziarul Financiar in English | 2019-Mar-14
  • Mexico - New refinery construction to create 135 thousand jobs - Energy secretary CEEMarketWatch - Daily News | 2019-Mar-14
  • Construction of M0 section to be delayed Hungary AM | 2018-Dec-11
  • TENZA to reconstruct block exchangers in Temelín CIA - Czech AM - EN | 2018-Dec-11
  • Belt and Road Initiative boosts development in Serbia: PM Economic Info | 2018-Dec-11
  • China to improve charging infrastructure for NEVs Economic Info | 2018-Dec-11
  • China builds railway arch bridge with world's longest span Economic Info | 2018-Dec-11
  • ADB to fund finance, infrastructure inclusiveness Business World | 2018-Dec-11
  • Infrastructure failures raise safety concerns The Korea Times | 2018-Dec-11
  • China and Brunei get down to business China Daily | 2019-Mar-14
  • Steam runs out for new home market after rally Shanghai Daily | 2019-Mar-14


Here are some of the top information providers for Real Estate & Construction that the EMIS platform provides access to.
  • BIS Research Private Limited
    BIS Research Private Limited
    Savills Property Services (Shanghai) Company Limited
    Savills Property Services (Shanghai) Company Limited
    LCA Consulting
    LCA Consulting
  • CB Richard Ellis Budapest Research Kft.
    CB Richard Ellis Budapest Research Kft.
    Knight Frank India Pvt Ltd.
    Knight Frank India Pvt Ltd.
    Colliers International
    Colliers International
    Cushman & Wakefield Indonesia
    Cushman & Wakefield Indonesia
  • Jones Lang LaSalle
    Jones Lang LaSalle

INDUSTRY STATISTICS for Real Estate & Construction

EMIS provides a wide range of industry data from a variety of sources.

Latest Reports

EMIS publishes 380,000+ research reports every year.
  • Malaysia: Building Materials Sector - Dim Outlook 3 pages | 2020-Apr-09 | TA Sec Sector Report
    Malaysia: Building Materials Sector - Dim Outlook 3 pages | 2020-Apr-09 | TA Sec Sector Report
    CITIC-Construction Sector Urban Rail Thematic Report Medium~term robust growth 3 pages | 2020-Apr-09 | Kaili EN Inds. Reports
  • Energy Infrastructure Sector FY21 Outlook Revised to Negative on Lockdown-driven Liquidity Woes 6 pages | 2020-Apr-09 | Fitch Sector Report
    Construction Sector Urban Rail Thematic Report Medium-term robust growth- 3 pages | 2020-Apr-09 | Kaili EN Inds. Reports
    Thailand - Construction Services Sector Update 4 pages | 2020-Apr-09 | Yuanta - Industry Reports
  • Thailand - IVG Sector Update Construction Sector, 08 April 2020 3 pages | 2020-Apr-09 | IV Global Sector
    Capital Goods Capex - likely slowdown as COVID-19 impact sets in 10 pages | 2020-Apr-08 | IDFC Sector Reports
    Thailand - Contractor Sector Update, 07 April 2020 6 pages | 2020-Apr-07 | KGI Sec Sector Reports
  • Interaction with NHAI Apr 20 4 pages | 2020-Apr-07 | Yes Securities - Sector Reports
    Malaysia Sector Reports: Construction - Riddled with uncertainties 4 pages | 2020-Apr-07 | HLG - Sector Reports
    Infrastructure - NHAI FY20 award at Rs600bn below expectation 9 pages | 2020-Apr-03 | IDFC Sector Reports


EMIS publishes 54,000+ news stories every day.
  • CP ready to start producing masks now that materials have arrived 1 pages | 2020-Apr-10 | The Nation
    China to optimize policy support for NEV charging infrastructure 1 pages | 2020-Apr-10 | Economic Info
    Technology companies ramping up investment in virus-hit province 2 pages | 2020-Apr-10 | China Daily
  • Ola gets nod to operate urgent medical services 1 pages | 2020-Apr-10 | Hindu
    First electronic component project to be built at Vietnamese Đà Nẵng IT Park 2 pages | 2020-Apr-10 | Vian Industry News
    JSCCIB: Jobless totals headed to 7m by June 2 pages | 2020-Apr-09 | Intellasia.Net News
  • COVID-19: Govt to convert more towers in athletes village for makeshift hospital 1 pages | 2020-Apr-09 | Intellasia.Net News
    PM asks Dong Nai to focus on site clearance for Long Thanh airport 1 pages | 2020-Apr-09 | Intellasia.Net News
    North-South Expressway subprojects transferred to public investment 1 pages | 2020-Apr-09 | Intellasia.Net News
  • HK's Airport Authority in talks with banks for $2.6 billion loan to fund construction of third runway 2 pages | 2020-Apr-10 | Intellasia.Net News
    Coronavirus: tens of thousands say goodbye to Wuhan as city ends 11 weeks of lockdown 2 pages | 2020-Apr-10 | Intellasia.Net News
    NEV charging network to expand 1 pages | 2020-Apr-09 | Shanghai Daily

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