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The technology, media and telecommunications industry is one of the most innovative and developing sectors in the world. Some emerging markets are establishing their position as world leaders in particular parts of this sector. Due to the demand in this industry, particular in the ICT sector, there has been a consistent YoY increase in the average number of employees in the sector.

EMIS provides a holistic view with up-to-date reports covering ICT, telecommunications and media. Using top information providers such as BIS research Private Limited, PMR Research and The Competitive Intelligence Unit, EMIS` platform provides you with a complete overview into the telecommunications industry and ICT sector. As well as sector analysis, we also take a deeper dive at company level with detailed financial information on thousands of companies within the sector across the entire developing world.

Latest News

  • Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan may jointly launch satellite Daily News | 2018-Oct-19
  • Paraguay gets serious about US$600mn satellite plans BNA - English News | 2018-Oct-19
  • Industry Risk/Reward Index (Telecoms Report Extended Forecasts Reshape Latin America Telecoms Index - Latin America (Region) - Q1 2019) BMI - Industry Reports | 2018-Oct-19
  • Mexico: Telecom operators posted income of MXN 122bn in Q2 2018 M-Brain - News Monitoring | 2018-Oct-19
  • Chile: Streaming services dominate data traffic M-Brain - News Monitoring | 2018-Oct-19
  • Man-made moon to shed light on Chengdu in 2020 China Daily | 2018-Oct-18
  • Telecom : Over 50 crore mobiles with Aadhaar KYC could be disconnected The Economic Times | 2018-Oct-18
  • Some Linksys wireless routers found to contain vulnerabilities, warns SingCERT MediaCorp NewsAsia | 2018-Oct-18
  • Globe Telecom extends internet reach in Europe Philstar | 2018-Oct-18
  • Globe Telecom connects network to De-Cix Telecompaper News | 2018-Oct-18
  • Tele2 Lithuania revenues up 14% in Q3 Telecompaper News | 2018-Oct-18
  • Tele2 mobile operator posts 7% turnover rise in nine months BNS - Business News | 2018-Oct-18


Here are some of the top information providers for Technology, Media & Telecoms that the EMIS platform provides access to.
  • BIS Research Private Limited
    BIS Research Private Limited
    Allied Analytics LLP
    Allied Analytics LLP
    Grand View Research, Inc.
    Grand View Research, Inc.
    HW SW Számítástechnikai Szolgáltató és Kereskedelmi Bt.
    HW SW Számítástechnikai Szolgáltató és Kereskedelmi Bt.
  • NeoAnalytics
    PMR Research
    PMR Research
    Paul Budde Communication Pty Ltd.
    Paul Budde Communication Pty Ltd.
    M&M - Meio & Mensagem
    M&M - Meio & Mensagem
  • The Competitive Intelligence Unit
    The Competitive Intelligence Unit
    KPMG Polska
    KPMG Polska

INDUSTRY STATISTICS for Technology, Media & Telecoms

EMIS provides a wide range of industry data from a variety of sources.

Latest Reports

EMIS publishes 540,000+ research reports every year.
  • Slovakia Telecommunications Report - 2019 37 pages | 2018-Oct-20 | BMI - Industry Reports
    Bulgaria Telecommunications Report - Q1 2019 38 pages | 2018-Oct-20 | BMI - Industry Reports
    Key View (Telecoms Report Slovakia Telecommunications Key View - Slovakia - Q1 2019) 1 pages | 2018-Oct-20 | BMI - Industry Reports
  • SWOT (Telecoms Report Slovakia Telecommunications SWOT - Slovakia - Q1 2019) 1 pages | 2018-Oct-20 | BMI - Industry Reports
    Industry Forecast (Telecoms Report Slovakia Telecommunications Forecast - Slovakia - Q1 2019) 4 pages | 2018-Oct-20 | BMI - Industry Reports
    Industry Risk/Reward Index (Telecoms Report Slovakia Telecommunications Risk/Reward Index - Slovakia - Q1 2019) 1 pages | 2018-Oct-20 | BMI - Industry Reports
  • Market Overview (Telecoms Report Slovakia Telecommunications Market Overview - Slovakia - Q1 2019) 6 pages | 2018-Oct-20 | BMI - Industry Reports
    Regulatory Development (Telecoms Report Slovakia Telecommunications Regulatory Development - Slovakia - Q1 2019) 2 pages | 2018-Oct-20 | BMI - Industry Reports
    Competitive Landscape (Telecoms Report Slovakia Telecommunications Competitive Landscape - Slovakia - Q1 2019) 2 pages | 2018-Oct-20 | BMI - Industry Reports
  • Key View (Telecoms Report Bulgaria Telecommunications Key View - Bulgaria - Q1 2019) 2 pages | 2018-Oct-20 | BMI - Industry Reports
    SWOT (Telecoms Report Bulgaria Telecommunications SWOT - Bulgaria - Q1 2019) 1 pages | 2018-Oct-20 | BMI - Industry Reports
    Industry Forecast (Telecoms Report Bulgaria Telecommunications Forecast - Bulgaria - Q1 2019) 4 pages | 2018-Oct-20 | BMI - Industry Reports


EMIS publishes 58,000+ news stories every day.
  • Media Release: UNSW law students show how technology can help im 3 pages | 2018-Oct-21 | AAP Media Releases
    DICT ensures common tower project to be free from legal issues 2 pages | 2018-Oct-21 | The Manila Times
    Man takes Rs 3.5 Lakh bike for test ride, escapes 1 pages | 2018-Oct-21 | Times of India
  • Rs 1,290cr property tax cess diverted to other projects 2 pages | 2018-Oct-21 | Times of India
    Tech and Gadgets : Niagara Launcher: This app simplifies your cluttered home screen 1 pages | 2018-Oct-21 | The Economic Times
    Seven and News explore co-pros and marketing 1 pages | 2018-Oct-21 | Abix Industry News
  • Bjornstad: Serbia, Kosovo To Reach Agreement Taking Into Account Regional Stability 2 pages | 2018-Oct-21 | BETA - News
    Collection 'New Arrivals' Released At Swami Vivekanand Library 1 pages | 2018-Oct-21 | Pioneer
    Paytm powers Japan’s new wallet 2 pages | 2018-Oct-21 | Business Std
  • Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2019 6 pages | 2018-Oct-21 | BW CIOWORLD
    Siemens and UCF to Establish Big Data Collaboration 1 pages | 2018-Oct-21 | BW CIOWORLD
    Quantzig reveals Challenges Hindering Adoption of Blockchain in Healthcare 2 pages | 2018-Oct-21 | BW CIOWORLD

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