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The technology, media and telecommunications industry is one of the most innovative and developing sectors in the world. Some emerging markets are establishing their position as world leaders in particular parts of this sector. Due to the demand in this industry, particular in the ICT sector, there has been a consistent YoY increase in the average number of employees in the sector.

EMIS provides a holistic view with up-to-date reports covering ICT, telecommunications and media. Using top information providers such as BIS research Private Limited, PMR Research and The Competitive Intelligence Unit, EMIS` platform provides you with a complete overview into the telecommunications industry and ICT sector. As well as sector analysis, we also take a deeper dive at company level with detailed financial information on thousands of companies within the sector across the entire developing world.

Latest News

  • Brazil: Abinee forecasts growth in electronics sector in 2018 and 2019 M-Brain - News Monitoring | 2018-Dec-12
  • Shanghai's new tech board to lower profitability requirements, say draft rules Daily News Update | 2018-Dec-11
  • China bans some Apple iPhones claiming patent infringement Daily News Update | 2018-Dec-11
  • China's mobile phone shipments decline in November Economic Info | 2018-Dec-11
  • China's leading IoT company raises 320 mln USD in latest funding Economic Info | 2018-Dec-11
  • LG Electronics introduces home beer brewing kit Yonhap News | 2018-Dec-12
  • Wellux lights the way to Thailand 4 The Nation | 2018-Dec-11
  • Singapore telco tweaks mobile plans to defend market share The Nation | 2019-Mar-14
  • Samsung sells 110,000 units of convertible laptops at home Yonhap News | 2018-Dec-11
  • Airbus, China Mobile to work on in-flight Wi-Fi China Daily | 2019-Mar-14
  • China Mobile plans facility in San Jose China Daily | 2018-Dec-11
  • IoT startup G7 in record fundraising Shanghai Daily | 2018-Dec-10


Here are some of the top information providers for Technology, Media & Telecoms that the EMIS platform provides access to.
  • BIS Research Private Limited
    BIS Research Private Limited
    Allied Analytics LLP
    Allied Analytics LLP
    Grand View Research, Inc.
    Grand View Research, Inc.
    HW SW Számítástechnikai Szolgáltató és Kereskedelmi Bt.
    HW SW Számítástechnikai Szolgáltató és Kereskedelmi Bt.
  • NeoAnalytics
    PMR Research
    PMR Research
    Paul Budde Communication Pty Ltd.
    Paul Budde Communication Pty Ltd.
    M&M - Meio & Mensagem
    M&M - Meio & Mensagem
  • The Competitive Intelligence Unit
    The Competitive Intelligence Unit
    KPMG Polska
    KPMG Polska

INDUSTRY STATISTICS for Technology, Media & Telecoms

EMIS provides a wide range of industry data from a variety of sources.

Latest Reports

EMIS publishes 540,000+ research reports every year.
  • Romania - Fixed Broadband Market - Statistics and Analyses 24 pages | 2019-Mar-21 | BuddeComm - Country Telecom and BroadBand Market Reports
    Telecommunications Report Argentina March 2019 11 pages | 2019-Mar-20 | EIU - Industry Reports
    Argentina - Telecommunications report: Connected devices 2 pages | 2019-Mar-20 | EIU - Industry Reports
  • Argentina - Telecommunications report: Internet 2 pages | 2019-Mar-20 | EIU - Industry Reports
    Argentina - Telecommunications report: Fixed 2 pages | 2019-Mar-20 | EIU - Industry Reports
    Argentina - Telecommunications report: Mobile 4 pages | 2019-Mar-20 | EIU - Industry Reports
  • Argentina - Telecommunications report: Overview 2 pages | 2019-Mar-20 | EIU - Industry Reports
    Telecom - Jan 2019 active mobile subscribers 20 Mar 2019 7 pages | 2019-Mar-20 | Axis Cap Industry Reports
    Indonesia Media - Still not attractive enough 5 pages | 2019-Mar-20 | Mirae Sector Update
  • Indonesia Telecommunication - All road leads to consolidation 5 pages | 2019-Mar-20 | Bahana Securities-Ind Rpts
    India - Emkay Sector Reports (Information Technology ) 17 pages | 2019-Mar-19 | Emkay Sector Reports
    True Wireless Headphones Market - Global Outlook Forecast 2019-2024 189 pages | 2019-Mar-21 | Arizton Global Reports


EMIS publishes 58,000+ news stories every day.
  • HCM City to use AI to build smart city 2 pages | 2019-Mar-21 | dpa ANN Service - General
    Sberbank's subsidiary Bankruptcy Technology Centre and Bankruptcy Club National Association sign cooperation agreement 1 pages | 2019-Mar-21 | SKRIN - News
    Russian IT solutions enter African market 1 pages | 2019-Mar-21 | AK&M News Online
  • Azania Bank Reassures its Clients after acquisition of Bank M 3 pages | 2019-Mar-21 | The Citizen - Tanzania
    NPSC to deploy technology to monitor oil pipelines 2 pages | 2019-Mar-21 | Vanguard-Nigeria
    Etihad Airways will install new tech at Abu Dhabi International Airport 2 pages | 2019-Mar-21 | AMEinfo - Transport and Tourism News
  • Czechs turn off Wikipedia over EU copyright reform 1 pages | 2019-Mar-21 | CTK - Daily News
    German Wikipedia suspended in protest against EU copyright reforms 1 pages | 2019-Mar-21 | dpa INS English - Pol DC
    STA wins Google grant to develop digital assistant for editors 1 pages | 2019-Mar-21 | STA - Daily News
  • CIADO President Constantin Balaceanu Stolnici recommends Gov't to endorse research in area of medical cannabis 1 pages | 2019-Mar-21 | Agerpres - Daily News in English
    Ethiopia Cooperating With Russia on Nuclear Technology to Boost Energy Capacity Diplomat 1 pages | 2019-Mar-21 | Sputnik News - Russia
    Network growth to make China biggest 5G market 2 pages | 2019-Mar-21 | dpa ANN Service - Economic

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