EMIS partners with leading global information providers such as NeoAnalytics, MarketLine, and Infosectorial to provide industry analysis and overviews of the transportation sector. This sector has been thriving over the past five years but there have been limitations and contraction in many emerging markets that has led to a notable period of weaker performance since 2016.

Our transportation coverage offers the most recent data and information for all emerging markets. The reports include information around the changes in all areas of the transportation sector including railway, road, air and water. EMIS has extensive data and industry analysis for the largest companies in this sector. These includes China Railway Corporation, Wilmar International Limited based in Singapore and Emirates Airlines in the UAE. We also provide detailed reports for thousands of companies in the transportation sector across the developing world

The transportation industry is responsible for a large amount of employment in emerging markets and is essential to personal mobility and a prerequisite for achieving socio-economic progress. EMIS offers in-depth industry statistics as well as industry-specific news from national regional and local sources.

Latest News

  • China launches three-year campaign against endemic diseases Economic Info | 2018-Dec-11
  • China to improve charging infrastructure for NEVs Economic Info | 2018-Dec-11
  • China builds railway arch bridge with world's longest span Economic Info | 2018-Dec-11
  • China's leading IoT company raises 320 mln USD in latest funding Economic Info | 2018-Dec-11
  • China's civil aviation industry aims high Economic Info | 2018-Dec-11
  • More airports badly needed, authority says China Daily | 2018-Dec-11
  • COSCO eyes listing on London-Shanghai stock link Daily News Update | 2020-Oct-30
  • China's freight volume continues rapid growth in October Economic Info | 2018-Dec-05
  • China revises management rules on establishment of fully foreign-owned shipping businesses Economic Info | 2018-Dec-05
  • New China-Europe freight train route from Handan to Moscow launched Economic Info | 2018-Dec-03
  • Nation moves to limit use of capital punishment China Daily | 2018-Dec-02
  • Duisburg revives on Chinese rail freight China Daily | 2018-Dec-02


Here are some of the top information providers for Transportation that the EMIS platform provides access to.
  • GRDS Reports Ltd.
    GRDS Reports Ltd.
    China Economic Information Network (CEInet)
    China Economic Information Network (CEInet)
    Hungarian Logistics, Purchasing and Inventory Company
    Hungarian Logistics, Purchasing and Inventory Company
  • NeoAnalytics
    Zespol Doradcow Gospodarczych TOR
    Zespol Doradcow Gospodarczych TOR
    Fitch Solutions
    Fitch Solutions
  • Infosectorial
    Mergent, Inc.
    Mergent, Inc.

INDUSTRY STATISTICS for Transportation

EMIS provides a wide range of industry data from a variety of sources.

Latest Reports

EMIS publishes 380,000+ research reports every year.
  • Brazil Industry Report - Transport and Logistics - March 2021 17 pages | 2021-Apr-08 | Tendencias Industry Reports
    China-Europe Rail Freight Transport Market - Growth, Trends, COVID-19 Impact, and Forecasts (2020 - 2025) 250 pages | 2021-Mar-30 | Mordor Country Industry Reports
    EMIS Insights - Poland Transportation Sector Report 2021-2022 68 pages | 2021-Mar-31 | EMIS Insights - Reports
  • EMIS Insights - Emerging Europe Transportation Sector Report 2021-2022 52 pages | 2021-Apr-01 | EMIS Insights - Reports
    South Africa - Freight Transport by Road in South Africa - March 2021 153 pages | 2021-Mar-29 | WOW Industry Reports
    South Africa - The Minibus Taxi, Bus Services and Metered Taxi Industry South Africa - March 2021 170 pages | 2021-Mar-30 | WOW Industry Reports
  • South Africa - Railway Transport and Manufacture of Locomotives and Rolling Stock in South Africa - March 2021 196 pages | 2021-Mar-22 | WOW Industry Reports
    Warehousing Market in India 2021 Part II 38 pages | 2021-Mar-11 | Netscribes Industry Reports
    Warehousing Market in India 2021 Part I 36 pages | 2021-Mar-11 | Netscribes Industry Reports
  • Food Tech Market in India 2021 Part II 30 pages | 2021-Mar-11 | Netscribes Industry Reports
    Food Tech Market in India 2021 Part I 29 pages | 2021-Mar-11 | Netscribes Industry Reports
    Brazil Industry Report - Transport and Logistics - February 2021 18 pages | 2021-Apr-09 | Tendencias Industry Reports


EMIS publishes 54,000+ news stories every day.
  • Belarusian government approves program on electric transport development till 2025 1 pages | 2021-Apr-13 | BELTA - News Line
    Azerbaijani oil prices increase 1 pages | 2021-Apr-13 | Daily News
    Volume of loaded, unloaded cargo in Irans Amirabad port decreases 1 pages | 2021-Apr-13 | Daily News
  • Airport Security Tightened As Govt Uncovers Plan To Attack MMIA Lagos, 5 Others 1 pages | 2021-Apr-13 | THEWILL
    Apapa gridlock: Has Sanwo-Olu run out of steam? 4 pages | 2021-Apr-13 | Vanguard-Nigeria
    Insecurity: Civil rights activist, Eholor expresses worry over alleged poor security system at nations airports 2 pages | 2021-Apr-13 | Vanguard-Nigeria
  • Bolt, Uber, Little drivers plan switch off in fuel price protest 1 pages | 2021-Apr-12 | Business Daily Africa
    Stockholm Exergi orders Agilon® automated warehouse solution from Konecranes 1 pages | 2021-Apr-13 | Oreanda World Econ. News
    Serbia planning 800 charter flights to Turkey, Egypt 1 pages | 2021-Apr-13 | Anadolu Agency
  • Eight foreign nationals found hiding in lorries crossing into Hungary 1 pages | 2021-Apr-13 | Agerpres - Daily News in English
    ROPID: Prague preps tender for carriers on S49, S61 lines 1 pages | 2021-Apr-13 | CIA - news
    CzechToll: Toll collection up 29% to CZK 1.3bn 1 pages | 2021-Apr-13 | CIA - news

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