Content Partnerships
At EMIS, we understand the value of building synergies with content partners to achieve our mutual business goals.

We enjoy long-standing content partnerships to deliver intelligence to our and our partners’ customers. Whether you are a newspaper, research firm, or company data provider, we are always looking for opportunities to collaborate with new content partners.

Our usual types of content partnerships:

Distribute your content through the EMIS platform

At EMIS, we take pride in being the leading curator of emerging market intelligence. As part of our continuous efforts to provide our clients with comprehensive and diverse coverage, we have developed long-lasting licensing agreements in both developed and emerging markets with reputable third-party providers. Through these partnerships, we empower our clients worldwide with valuable, relevant and timeless industry, company and markets information to make informed decisions on the world’s fastest growing markets.

Integrate EMIS proprietary content into your solutions

EMIS has its own dedicated teams of researchers and experts, who produce insightful data and reports, which are available for distribution to third parties.

Collaborate with EMIS in creating and distributing content

EMIS works together with partners in producing and promoting high-quality industry and market research. We work together in designing content that resonates with our audiences and distributing it in our networks.

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