EMIS for Market Intelligence and Strategic Planning
Intelligence that powers confident strategic decisions.

The rewards for making the right strategic, risk and investment decisions in ASEAN and other world's fastest growing markets are immense, but you need confidence in the analysis and data you are using to answer key questions.

Which markets offer the best opportunities for expansion and investment?

What’s happening on the ground in our sector and those related to it?

What does the competitive landscape look like in different territories?

EMIS can help you to:

Get up to speed on industries

Get up-to-speed on any industry with a 360° view from high-quality sources. Identify main players and assess market share.

Ensure ongoing country knowledge

Evaluate new markets through analysis of the economic and risk landscape of ASEAN and other world's fastest-growing markets.

Stay on the top of trends

Discover trends that impact your business - new technologies, new players, new products.

Monitor your competition

Stay on top of your competitors' moves and developments around your suppliers and clients.

Identify M&A opportunities

Pinpoint and shortlist potential merger and acquisition targets, for further evaluation by your specialised M&A teams.

EMIS: a one-stop award-winning intelligence platform

Multi-sector, multi-country industry research from renowned global providers and niche local sources.

Deep company intelligence and news to assess market potential, identify investment opportunities and monitor risks and competition.

Benchmarking, monitoring and discovery tools that generate insight and support your workflows.

Insights and alerts generated by machine learning and AI technology.

Unlock the potential of markets worldwide.
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What our customers say


"Our challenge is to provide information to Tigre group units across 10 countries. To address this challenge, we needed to understand the market in each country and map reliable sources and locations in each geography. That's why we partnered with EMIS. EMIS provides local news, sector reports, macroeconomic data, and more, allowing us to monitor each country's local economy and our markets of interest."

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What our customers say

What our customers say


EMIS acts as our strategic partner, supporting us in our research of industries, industry trends, technology, demand generation, with a huge variety of renowned sources, coverage of different target industries and reliable information.

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What our customers say

What our customers say

Celulose Irani

"The best about EMIS is that we can get all the information we need in one easy-to-use platform, that support us in our decision making."

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What our customers say

What our customers say

Saskatchewan Trade and Export Partnership (STEP)

"EMIS gives our team access to in-depth analysis and insights across a wide variety of industries, something few other providers are capable of delivering."

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What our customers say