For Government

EMIS offers a single platform of industry and company research and news that has become high valued by policy makers looking to gain deep insight on sectors within their own country and beyond their borders.

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To understand the trade and investment opportunities in the country in which they operate, embassies need access to data and analysis on local companies, recent M&A activity, sectoral developments and macroeconomic analysis. EMIS provides thousands of proprietary and multi-source news, data, and research publications all in one place, so embassies can quickly report and track economic developments.

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EMIS provides trade, economic and development ministries, chamber of commerce, and other industry and research ministries with robust intelligence on ASEAN and other world's fastest growing markets, enabling their policy decisions. By accessing a vast repository of sector-specific reports, forecasts and statistics and news, ministries gain valuable insights and stay informed about the latest developments in a market or industry, allowing them to make informed decisions.

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Multilateral Organisations

EMIS provides multilateral organizations with the necessary resources to enhance their understanding of ASEAN and other world's fastest growing markets. Through EMIS, these organizations gain access to in-depth reports, economic data, and industry analysis, allowing them to assess the economic landscape, identify key growth sectors, and develop strategies.

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Research Institutes

Research institutes rely on EMIS to inform and underpin their analysis of key industries and market developments. By accessing comprehensive data on ASEAN and other world’s fastest growing markets, research institutes can evaluate market trends, assess risks, identify investment opportunities, monitor industry dynamics, and stay updated on regulatory frameworks.